For the shepherds, the first to hear the news, the name of this infant is glorious titles and promises. When they get back to their flocks, and for years afterwards, they will remember this night, but they won’t have any other information. Who is this Christ the Lord, this Savior? How will they recognize him?

For Mary and Joseph, entrusted with prophecies that include the common human name they must give this child, the name of this infant is nothing very special at all. It is only the mysterious promises they have been given about him that hint at something much more. Meanwhile there is not much time to think about that; they have to ensure he lives that long. Like any other his name will be something to identify and summon him. And when this name has become known to many more, it will still be used in this way, and also as the sign of greatest benediction.

For unlike anyone else’s name, this is a name that will not change, that will not be made greater or lesser or altered along with a new identity. Jesus will be the Christ, the Lord, the Savior in his birth and ever afterwards.

Just before Jesus assures a mourning and sorrowing Julian that even in the face of sin, all shall be well, he had also just assured her, "I it am, I it am; it is I who am most exalted; it is I whom thou lovest; it is I whom thou enjoyest; it is I whom thou servest; it is I whom thou yearnst for; it is I whom thou desirest; it is I whom thou meanest; it is I who am all; it is I whom Holy Church preaches and teaches thee; it is I who showed myself here to thee." He is already everything for her and she can, in a way, write his name over everything.

The new testament begins ‘the generation of Jesus’ and ends ‘Come Lord Jesus’; and to find their beginning and fulfilling in Jesus is to be the sign of everyone that follows him and that is called by his name.


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