Daily Office & Eucharist


My doctor is Jesus Christ, my food is Jesus Christ, and my fuel is Jesus Christ.

—Contemporary Coptic Monk
Praying Home


Our monastic life flows from the daily celebration of the Holy Eucharist. The nuns are responsible for all aspects of liturgical observance, and those nuns in community who are ordained celebrate Mass and proclaim the Gospel.

The life of the Order is centered on the offering of the four-fold Daily Office and Holy Eucharist. We also give an hour and a half each day in choir to still or contemplative prayer. Two additional little offices are recited in the monastery during the day.

In all of these offerings it is the prayer of Christ—in the Office and in all of our living—that prays us, and it is Jesus in the Holy Eucharist who offers Himself with us to the Father.


Because genuine prayer will always lead to conversion of heart, the authenticity of our prayer is proved in how we live and work together.

As an expression of the shared life that the nuns, Oblates, and Associates create together, the 1979 Book of Common Prayer is the breviary used by the nuns of the Order.