...Contemplation is for all Christians.... [It] means essentially our being with God, putting ourselves in his presence, being hungry and thirsty for him, wanting him, letting heart and mind and will move towards him; with the needs of the world on our heart. It is a rhythmic movement of the personality into the eternity and peace of God, and no less for the turmoil of the world for whose sake, as for ours, we are seeking God. If that is the heart of prayer then the contemplative part of it will be large.

—Dr Michael Ramsey
100th Archbishop of Canterbury



Oblates and Associates of the Order of Julian—men and women, clergy and lay, single and partnered—are those who respond to the Holy Spirit's invitation to draw nearer to Jesus under the patronage of Saint Julian of Norwich, called to the contemplative life in the world. They observe the Benedictine vows in ways suited to their particular vocations and life situations.

Their rules of life unite their lives of prayer to that of the monastery and commit them to a regular practice of silent prayer, worship and study, in the context of their own particular vocations and particular Christian traditions. In varying degrees they bring this contemplative practice into their parishes and communities by the transformation of their lives through the deepening of their relationship with Christ.

Oblates, after a period of discernment and formation, profess vows requiring regular discipline and reflection in their Christian commitment, with a rule of life closely modeled on that of the Order's monastics. A vow of celibacy is possible for Oblates within the Order.

For more information about becoming an Oblate of the Order of Julian of Norwich, contact the Prioress at Our Lady of the Northwoods.

Associates are committed to a simple form of the rule adaptable to many different walks of life, providing a framework for prayer and discipline in everyday living.

For more information about becoming an Associate of the Order of Julian of Norwich, contact the Prior of Associates.