The sin of Adam


In this showing I remained watching generally, sorrowful and mourning, saying thus to our Lord in my meaning with full great fear: "Ah! Good Lord, how can all be well considering the great damage that has come by sin to Thy creatures?" (And here I desired, as much as I dared, to have some more open explanation with which I could be put at ease in this matter.)

To this our blessed Lord answered most gently, and with most loving expression, and showed that Adam's sin was the most harm that ever was done, or ever shall be done, until the world's end (and also He showed that this is openly acknowledged in all the Holy Church on earth).

Furthermore, He taught that I should observe the glorious reparation, for making this reparation is more pleasing to the blessed Godhead and more valuable for man's salvation, without comparison, than ever was the sin of Adam harmful.

Then means our blessed Lord thus in this teaching: that we would take heed to this: "For since I had made well the worst harm, then it is my will that thou knowest from that, that I shall make well everything that is less bad."


Chapter 29