Have you thought about becoming a nun?


Are you a single Episcopalian or ELCA woman who:

—is age 40 or younger…

—has some college or work experience…

—is free of debts, dependents, or obligations…

—is in good physical and mental health…

—is part of your parish’s worshipping life, but feels the tug for something more?


Discernment is a process of listening to the Holy Spirit. Time for prayer—both regular participation in parish worship and in private, deepening your relationship with God in Christ—is what will help to perceive the prompting of the Spirit.

Ongoing conversation with a trusted spiritual director or mentor is also very helpful to the process.


Many signs of a monastic vocation and a vocation to holy orders are similar, not least a good sense of humor, but certain indications of a possible vocation to our life are more distinct, such as:

—An attraction to significant periods of silence and solitude

—A desire to seek God in the common life of the monastery

—Attraction to Benedictine spirituality


If you feel that these resonate with your own longings, we invite you to contact us to begin a conversation about vocation.



Recommended reading:

St Benedict’s Rule & Commentary        Judith Sutera

Strangers to the City                             Michael Casey

Northern Light                                      Tautra Mariakloster

The Cistercian Way                               André Louf

Where God Happens                              Rowan Williams

Revelations of Divine Love                    Julian of Norwich

With Pity Not With Blame                   Robert Llewelyn