"Is God calling me to the monastic life?"

Discernment is a process of listening to the Lord’s voice.

Ongoing conversation with a trusted spiritual director or mentor is essential to the process.

Above all, time for prayer—for deepening of an intentional relationship with God in Christ—is what will help to perceive the prompting of the Spirit.


  Suggested reading:

The Cistercian Way                     André Louf

Revelations of Divine Love         Julian of Norwich

Beginning to Pray                        Anthony Bloom

In Search of God                           Basil Cardinal Hume

Prayer & Contemplation             Robert Llewelyn


Initial requirements

single status without debts or dependents

age 21- 40*

desire and willingness to seek God in the common life of the monastery

generosity of spirit and ability to live well with others

a sense of humor

good physical and psychological health

some college or work experience

trust in the Church as Christ’s body and participation in its sacramental and communal life

         *Exceptions may be considered