Infinitely Beloved: A Therapist Explores Divine Intimacy

Brian Thorne      

This powerful little book, written out of 'passionate hope and passionate anger', is a combination of lectures given at Salisbury Cathedral in 2002 and at St Julian's in Norwich in 2012. Equal parts critique, reflection, and appeal, Thorne encompasses issues as broad as economic imperialism, matters of politics and nationalism, and human sexuality, grounding his hope in the 'incendiary implications' of the insights into the nature of God and humanity drawn from Julian's Revelations. Bridging 'the worlds of counselling and psychotherapy and mystical theology' these six lectures take a long hard look at some of the ills of our age and their relation to the human longing for intimacy, and most of all, points to ways that Julian's teaching can help.

An invaluable book, as encouraging and nourishing as it is provoking and prophetic, that we cannot recommend highly enough.

paperback        pp 92     

Also available at the Friends of Julian, Norwich UK


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