Whats the Smoke For?

…And Other Burning Questions about the Liturgy

Johan Van Parys

Why do we do the things we do in the liturgy? With a light touch and much wit and wisdom, Roman Catholic liturgist Johan van Parys takes up numerous queries about liturgical art and architecture, prayer and devotions, diversity and inclusivity, furniture and objects, postures and gestures, praxis, theology, vesture, and the liturgical year. Though presented in a Roman Catholic context, Episcopalians and other liturgical creatures will find numerous commonalities as well as helpful liturgical history and background to common practices.

"The ultimate test of a Christian community's liturgical life is whether it changes lives. Does our liturgy call us to be one with the poor, to share our table with the hungry, to visit the sick, to embrace the dying? …  let's celebrate the liturgy well so it may change our hearts and minds and send us into the world to make a difference." From the book

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