Pilgrimage to England September 2018


Mthr Gwynne Wright ObJN led the pilgrimage in England in September 2018. We will let you know if there are plans for any future pilgrimages.


The pilgrims with Dr Rowan Williams at Cambridge, UK.

 "In September 14 pilgrims gathered in London, and journeyed to Canterbury, Ely, Cambridge, Norwich, and Bury St Edmund. At Norwich we were privileged to be a small enough group that we could actually all be in Julian’s Cell for our own private Eucharist. The other highlight of our pilgrimage was a morning talk with Lord Rowan Williams, Master of Magdalene College, former Archbishop of Canterbury.  He spent an our with us talking about Julian reminding us that Julian doesn’t offer us a ‘chocolate box’ theology, rather what he describes as anti-theology where Julian ‘turns the glove inside out’ reminding us that as we suffer, Christ suffers.

"Our pilgrims were 14 women of faith who learned of many woman of our faith in history:  Mary Magdalen, Queen Bertha, Etheldrea, Julian, Margery Kempe, Edith Cavell and witnessed two baby girls beginning their own journey of faith in baptism. 

"Our journey together brought new insights and new friends.  We shared stories, joys, fears, and sadness.  We shared meals and broke bread.  We renewed our own sprites and now will tell this story and tell just how much Jesus loves each and every one of us.

"It is our duty to tell the story. The one who travels and is changed is a pilgrim. We are all pilgrims on the journey. I am privileged to have journeyed with each of you."

—Mthr Gwynne Wright ObJN